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Shoppers Value Foods closing Walker, Harvey locations Dec. 24

Citing poor sales, Shoppers Value Foods will close its Walker and Harvey locations Dec. 24, store management confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

The Louisiana-based brand made waves last year when it brought three flooded Baton Rouge area Winn-Dixie grocery stores back into commerce, including the Walker grocery store. Shoppers Value also took over spaces at Old Hammond Highway and Greenwell Springs, neither of which are expected to close.

The managers of the two closing stores were notified of the moves a couple weeks ago, says Paul DuFour, a manager at the Harvey location.

“They told our normal store manager it was due to a lack of sales,” DuFour says, a statement echoed by Walker store manager Crystal Lee.

Unlike the typical markup structure at most grocery stores, Shoppers Value sells all of its products at cost and then applies a 10% charge at the register.

The company currently operates 13 Louisiana locations, including six in Baton Rouge, as well as two Mississippi locations.

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